Igoe Exploring the World

I'm Olivia and here are some photos that I have taken while exploring life, a few anecdotes to accompany them, some tunes to keep you dancing, and a few things that inspire me and hopefully you as well

A Coachella Morning

When I want to sit with my friends even though there isn’t room


don knows whats up

One of my most favorite songs of all time…can’t wait to get jiggy with Dr. Dog and friends tonight at the Belly Up in San Diego :)

Also known as the Bastard Lovechild of Rock ‘N’ Roll, Le Blorr is one of my favorites, whom I’d recommend to anyone that likes intense guitar riffs with a bluesy undertone. From my home state of Florida, these guys are rad! Hope you like them too!

Another one to look forward to at Coachella! Skiddleydoo!

SD Zoo Zebra

Coast is clear, Pick, Mmmmm